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Mobile Knowledge Launches TaxiLinQ Mini at 95th Annual TLPA Conference

Latest Addition to TaxiLinQ Product Line Delivers Hard-Wired Peripheral Connectivity at an Excellent Price

TaxiLinQ Mini

Mobile Knowledge today announces the launch of the TaxiLinQ Mini vehicle logic unit. Designed to meet the evolving needs of the For-Hire industry, TaxiLinQ Mini provides a range of in-vehicle peripheral connectivity for Smartphones and Tablets. Building on the same architecture as the standard TaxiLinQ platform, TaxiLinQ Mini includes a subset of key features and functionality at an excellent price point.

Similar to TaxiLinQ, TaxiLinQ Mini is an optional companion to the Mobile Knowledge DriveLinQ application for Android Smartphones and Tablets. DriveLinQ allows Professional Drivers to connect wirelessly with dispatch systems including Cabmate and XDS, leveraging their Android Smartphone or Tablet.

Whereas the standard TaxiLinQ is ideally suited to serve as a point of connection for WiFi Tablets, TaxiLinQ Mini is intended for Smartphones and Tablets with integrated GPS and 3G/4G wireless capability. TaxiLinQ Mini connects to these devices via Bluetooth, and can be installed virtually anywhere within the vehicle.

Mr. Chris Plunkett, Mobile Knowledge Director of Product Line Management explained the role of TaxiLinQ Mini, “TaxiLinQ Mini addresses a need within the industry for a lower cost peripheral connection hub. It removes some of the higher cost elements of the standard TaxiLinQ, including WiFi router, GPS receiver, additional USB/RS-232 ports and Ethernet connectivity, for deployments where these may not be required. The result is a lower cost yet highly featured product which our clients and 3rd party developers can take advantage of.”

While available with an optional 50-channel GPS receiver, the TaxiLinQ Mini typically relies upon the GPS capabilities of the connected Smartphone or Tablet. It provides a dedicated USB charging port for Tablets, able to deliver up to 2.1Amps of charging power, and supports the proprietary charging requirements of the Google Nexus and many Samsung,  Motorola and other manufacturer’s Tablets. The two standard USB ports each deliver up to 1.0Amps of current for peripherals including the iPP320/350 Point of Sale device for in-vehicle Credit Card processing.

In addition to its USB connectivity, TaxiLinQ Mini provides two RS-232 ports, Ignition Sense, Panic Button, Odometer Counter, and discreet Taximeter connections. The ignition sense tracks the state of the vehicle , and the discreet meter connection tracks availability of the For-Hire vehicle.

TaxiLinQ Mini Connections Diagram

TaxiLinQ and TaxiLinQ Mini are both available as OEM products under the MobiLinQ and MobiLinQ Mini brands for third party developers looking to incorporate their features and functionality in adjacent vertical markets. They can be deployed in both 12VDC and 24VDC vehicle environments.

To learn more about the TaxiLinQ line of products, please contact

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Success Story: Eastside For Hire of Sea-Tac, Washington

Eastside For Hire

eXpert Dispatch System Helps Fuel Rapid Growth of West Coast Client

Mobile Knowledge is pleased to extend its sincerest congratulations to Eastside For Hire for its remarkable growth over the past two years. From an initial fleet size of 70 cars in October of 2011, Eastside has recently topped 265 vehicles.

Operating under the “Eastside For Hire” and “Flat Rate For Hire” banners, the company has distinguished itself in the Puget Sound area on account of its commitment to customer service, knowledgeable drivers, exceptional moral values, and a genuine enjoyment of people.

Eastside leverages the Mobile Knowledge eXpert Dispatch System (“XDS”) and the Series 2008 Mobile Data Terminal (“MDT”).


Eastside is licensed as a For-Hire company rather than a conventional Taxi operator. As such, vehicles are not equipped with taximeters. Instead, they rely upon pre-arranged, Zipcode-to-Zipcode or Landmark-based pricing. The eXpert Dispatch System supports this mode of operation by way of an advanced Price Engine. The Price Engine can be configured for Zipcode, Zone, Landmark and Distance rates, with additional facilities to apply and manage extra charges such as waiting time, additional stops, tolls, etc. as required.

Another point of distinction between taxis and for-hire vehicles is that outside of the City of Seattle, the latter are only permitted to respond to trips that are booked ahead of time. These reservations depend upon a strong dispatch system with advanced functionality to ensure that the best vehicle and driver are matched to each trip.

Mr. Sam Guled, President & Co-Founder of Eastside, commented on the technology selected to meet these requirements, “The market has changed dramatically over the past few years, and we have worked hard to keep up with growing demand for our services. The Series 2008 MDT has proven very reliable for our drivers, and the XDS software has also been a good fit for the call center. Where we have been most impressed, however, has been the Mobile Knowledge support team.”

Kevin French, President of Mobile Knowledge, remarked on Eastside’s success, “While it is not unusual for Mobile Knowledge clients to experience significant expansion, a tripling in fleet size within two years is truly remarkable, and a testament to the management and leadership of Sam and his team. We are proud to be part of this success.”

To learn more about Mobile Knowledge and how we can help you to achieve your goals, please contact

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