Checker Yellow Cab of Columbia, SC Upgrades Fleet with Series 2008 MDT

Checker Yellow Cab - Columbia, SC

Vehicles to Benefit from Enhanced GPS and 3G/4G Network Support

Mobile Knowledge is pleased to announce that it has entered into agreements with Checker Yellow Cab of Columbia, South Carolina to upgrade its fleet of 115 vehicles to the Series 2008 Mobile Data Terminal (MDT). The upgrade will replace the Series 2000 MDTs originally installed by Checker Yellow Cab in 2007.

Checker Yellow is recognized as the largest private transportation service provider licensed in the state of South Carolina. With Columbia’s high concentration of universities and colleges, and a growing population of retirees, Checker Yellow anticipates significant increases in the demands for its services in the years ahead.

Checker Yellow has the distinction of being one of the earliest Mobile Knowledge clients to take advantage of the GPRS Public Data Network for taxi dispatch purposes in North America. Leveraging external MultiTech GPRS modems, and the AT&T GPRS network, Checker Yellow vehicles have enjoyed unparalleled coverage and reliable connectivity well beyond the reach of conventional Private Mobile Radio towers.

With the installation of the Series 2008 MDT, Checker Yellow Cab drivers will realize faster start-up times, enhanced GPS signal tracking, and the option to take advantage of the current generation of 3G/4G USB modems. Checker Yellow will continue to benefit from the efficient management of reservations and automatic dispatch functions available from the eXpert Dispatch System (XDS) and the associated business rules that optimize passenger response times and revenue opportunities for drivers.

Mr. Peyton Greene, General Manager of Checker Yellow Cab commented on the decision to upgrade, “We have seen an excellent return on our original investment with the Series 2000 MDT, and are eager to take advantage of the latest technology and features that are available with the Series 2008. We remain strong proponents for Automated Dispatch with the efficiencies and harmony that it can bring to a dispatch environment. Our Drivers and Passengers have come to expect the best from our organization, and the Series 2008 will help us to continue to deliver.”

Travis Gray, Mobile Knowledge Director of Sales and Marketing expressed his appreciation, “I have had the pleasure to work with Peyton and the Principals of Checker Yellow Cab for the past five years, and we are grateful for the positive references that Peyton and Dallas have extended on our behalf. We are eager for Checker Yellow to realize the benefits of this upgrade and look forward to delivering additional features and functionality as the Series 2008 continues to evolve.”

The Series 2008 also supports the USB connected MobileNav navigation aid to assist both new and experienced drivers, as well as rear-seat passenger payment in partnership with Creative Mobile Technologies.

To learn more about XDS and the Series 2008 Mobile Data Terminal, please contact or dial 866-624-5330.

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