Mobile Knowledge Launches TaxiHail Application at 94th Annual TLPA Convention

Atlanta Checker Cab First to the Mark with its App-A-Cab Campaign

Mobile Knowledge is pleased to announce the launch of its custom branded TaxiHail Passenger Booking application for licensed fleet operators. Formally launched at the Taxi, Limousine and Paratransit Association’s 94th Annual Convention & Trade Show held in Las Vegas, October 26th–30th, TaxiHail has gained widespread interest across the Mobile Knowledge Cabmate & eXpert Dispatch System user communities.

With an initial subscriber base of 15 licensed operators across major US and Canadian cities, connecting passengers with more than 5,000 vehicles, TaxiHail is filling a demand for legitimate passenger booking applications with established and licensed fleet operators that function in compliance with their local municipal and state or provincial regulations.

TaxiHail is available for both Android and iOS smartphones or tablets, and has been approved for both Google Play and Apple’s App stores. In addition, the TaxiHail offering includes a custom branded website for on-line bookings. Passengers booking through the website can see these reservations on the app as well when they leave their desk to meet their cab.

Users who download the TaxiHail application can quickly create an account with an email and telephone number(or alternatively using Facebook or Twitter credentials), and book their first ride immediately thereafter. TaxiHail allows users to define their pickup and destination points, and even obtain an estimated fare for the journey. Passengers are provided with a confirmation number along with periodic updates when they are assigned a vehicle. They can see their vehicle on a map as it proceeds towards the pick-up address, and are notified when the vehicle is out front. At the end of the ride, TaxiHail can email a receipt with the details of the trip for accurate and convenient expense tracking.

Additional features of TaxiHail include the ability to define favorite locations, rebook a previous trips, and select a pickup or destination address based upon Google Places lookup. Users may also set preferences for vehicle type, payment method and number of passengers. Many new and exciting features are planned for subsequent releases.

TaxiHail’s first live customer is Atlanta Checker Cab of Atlanta, Georgia. With approximately 200 vehicles, Atlanta Checker is a leading transportation service provider and innovator within this distinguished market. Atlanta Checker vehicles are dispatched by the Mobile Knowledge Cabmate dispatch system, and GPS equipped Series 2000 Mobile Data Terminals. Passengers are able to pay by Cash, Credit Card, or on Account for maximum convenience and flexibility.

Mr. Rick Hewatt, a TLPA past President and current President of Atlanta Checker Cab commented on his decision, “Atlanta Checker has been an early adopter of technology that benefits both our drivers and the riding public alike. We are pleased to now be in a position to offer our clients the Atlanta Checker Cab App that will allow them to ‘App-a-Cab’ from their smartphone, or alternatively to make a reservation directly from our website.

Mobile Knowledge has been a long standing and trusted technology partner to Atlanta Checker for almost twenty years and we are extremely pleased that they are assisting their clients in responding to the increasing demand for this next generation of service.”

Mr. Kevin French, Mobile Knowledge President explained the Company’s vision for TaxiHail, “Mobile Knowledge recognizes the power of a brand in a local market. TaxiHail is our response to the growing demand amongst fleet operators to have their own custom branded application that they can market and distribute to their own passenger community without incurring significant cost as more and more users adopt smartphone booking as their preferred method of hailing a taxi. Given the large base of installations that Mobile Knowledge is privileged to have, we feel there is also an opportunity to create a network of TaxiHail operators across multiple markets,allowing users who have downloaded their home provider’s app to use that same app when they travel.”

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