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The Mobile Knowledge Persona Transport booking platform is a fully customizable online corporate transport solution that allows you to consolidate your transportation scheduling and trip billing into one service and one invoice.

With Persona Transport your staff, and even your clients, can schedule approved trips online using authorization codes. Reservations can be emailed or automatically entered into the dispatch systems of your preferred transportation suppliers, saving time and preventing listening or keying errors. Reservations are stored and available for editing or auditing and reporting, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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Authorized users create a profile, enter necessary trip details (predefined by you), audit past and future trips, and receive booking confirmations. Account Administrators control vendor information, administer permissions, collect trip data and billing information, create reports, etc., leveraging a customizable web interface.

Modern design tools allow for system customization in as little as 3 days. Booking options can include pick-up & drop-off date & time requests, airport lookups, vehicle preferences, vendor preference, special requirements, request for notifications, job notes, and so on. An integrated web address look-up service offers suggestions via drop down menu if landmark names are used instead of proper addresses.

Persona Transport increases accuracy, saves time, ensures compliance with business rules, helps control spending, makes billing easy, and gives you access to the information you need online. Security features of the system exceed industry requirements, and the system can be deployed within your network, or hosted in the cloud.

Features & Benefits
  • Allows large scake account clients to self provision ground transportation from one or more transportation service providers
  • Provides permission based roles for administering the system, booking trips and managing billing
  • Provides consolidated billing and scrubbing facilities within a single interface
  • Controls permitted bookings by address and time
  • Allows users to review historic and pending reservations
  • Tracking of applicable charges where transportation services are treated as a taxable benefit
  • Permits splitting of charges between company and users
  • One-Click-Booking provides efficient and accurate reservations
User Interface


User Profile Screen


Active Orders Screen


One Click Booking Screen


Administration & Settings Screen


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