Driver Solutions

Driver Solutions

Communicating efficiently and accurately with your drivers leads to more timely responsiveness and ultimately customer satisfaction. In-vehicle equipment provides your drivers and members to a direct link to the dispatch office to ensure that they are treated fairly, and that no job goes unserviced.

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A fully featured mobile dispatch application, DriveLinQ replaces a conventional mobile data terminal, allowing you to leverage off the shelf Android tablets or smartphones.



TaxiLinQ and TaxiLinQ mini are central communications platforms specifically designed for in-vehicle installation, offering a wide range of peripheral connection options.


Series 2008 MDT

The Series 2008 MDT is a rugged, highly integrated Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), boasting a 50-Channel GPS receiver, magnetic card swipe, and 2 USB (host) ports for advanced peripheral connectivity.


Series 9008 MDT

The Series 9008 MDT represents the next evolution of our popular Series 9000 Mobile Data Terminals. The Series 9008 features integrated mapping and taximeter.


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