DriveLinQ incorporates more than 30 years of practical field experience to deliver a fully featured mobile dispatch solution for the Professional Driver. Well suited for Private Hire, Black Car and Taxi operations, DriveLinQ provides a seamless connection with the dispatch call center ensuring efficient, fair and accurate workflow.

DriveLinQ Fleet Dispatch App

Bluetooth enabled Android devices allow connection with compatible Printers, Meters and Point-of-Sale devices. When used with the Mobile Knowledge TaxiLinQ in-vehicle communications platform, WiFi Hotspot, Vehicle Interface, Power Management and other advanced connectivity maximize DriveLinQ’s functionality.

DriveLinQ integrates seamlessly with Google Maps and Google Nav running on your Android device, delivering turn-by-turn directions with the push of a button.

For situations requiring hard-wired connections with in vehicle peripherals such as taximeters, point of sale, printers, vehicle ignition and panic annunciation, the optional TaxiLinQ vehicle logic unit can serve as a central communications hub for all of these devices.

DriveLinQ can be deployed with either the Cabmate or eXpert Dispatch System (“XDS”) available from Mobile Knowledge, and can operate in parallel with conventional MDTs installed in other vehicles. DriveLinQ users benefit from managed, over-the-air updates and configuration changes.

Features & Benefits
  • Compatible with most Android Smartphones and Tablets
  • Resizes to different screen resolutions and aspects
  • Deploys stand-alone or with TaxiLinQ
  • Bluetooth connection with compatible devices
  • Out-of-vehicle capability
  • Auto booking based upon GPS position
  • TaxiLinQ In-Vehicle Communications Platform
  • Driver messaging and fleet broadcasts
  • Cash, Account and Credit Card payments
  • Configurable forms and coded messages
  • Mapping & Satellite Navigation (Google Maps / Navigation)
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Multilingual support

User Interface


Login Screen


Fare Details


Passenger On Board


Account Payment Form




Map Overview (Google)


Payment Selection


Coded Messages


City View


Navigation (Google Nav)


Cash Payment Form

Driver Mail Box

Driver Mail Box

Visual Fare Offer

Visual Fare Offer

On Site

On Site


Payment Approval


Driver Trip History


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