Series 2008 MDT

Series 2008 MDT

The Series 2008 MDT is a rugged, highly integrated Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) boasting a 50-Channel GPS receiver, magnetic card swipe, and 2 USB (host) ports for advanced peripheral connectivity.

S2008 F & B

The Series 2008 can be deployed on either Private Mobile Radio (PMR) or PDN (Cellular) data networks providing maximum coverage and flexibility. It can be connected to either discrete or smart taximeters, as well as other peripherals including select printers, point-of-sale devices and personal navigation devices to yield a full feature in-vehicle solution for your Drivers and Passengers.

Features & Benefits
  • 50 Channel GPS Receiver with accuracy enhancing WAAS yielding typical positional accuracy of 3.5 meters, unparalleled signal sensitivity and fastest time to first fix.
  • Expandable Memory allowing for over-the-air firmware updates and advanced applications.
  • Two USB Ports for connecting USB flash drives, keyboards, keypads, modems, momory devices and other peripherals.
  • Ergonomic Design including 240 x 64 graphical blue on white LCD display, backlit keypad and chamfered bezel for improved day and night time viewing.
  • Configure and Update via USB allowing for rapid deployment of new features and configurations without the need for a laptop.
  • Multi-Modal Dispatch including conventional Taxi, Black Car and Shared Ride manifests.
  • Wireless Communications over conventional radio or cellular networks.
  • Peripheral Support for taximeters, printers, modems, mobile media and point-of-sale technologies.
  • Rugged GPS Connector with true hardware GPS antenna disconnect sensing.
Optional Features

In addition to its core functionality, the following features are available for the Series 2008 MDT:

Integrated PMR Modem

For Private Mobile Radio (PMR) network deployments, the Series 2008 is available with an optional integrated miller encoding modem.

MobileNav Satellite Navigation

MobileNav assists Drivers when navigating unfamiliar streets. It connects via USB to the Series 2008 MDT, drawing power and exchaning data through this single connection. MobileNav can be installed on the windshield within the Drive’s field of view. A single softkey on the Series 2008 MDT allows the Driver to initiate a route to the pickup or destination address provided with the reservation, without ever having to touch the MobileNav unit.


User Interface

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