Series 9008 MDT

Series 9008 MDT

The Series 9008 MDT represents the next evolution of our popular Series 9000 Mobile Data Terminals. Building on the successful Series 9006 MDT, the increased screen size of the Series 9008 provides a larger viewable area and higher screen resolution for operations wishing to add satellite navigation or integrated taximeter functionality on a single device. The Series 9008 has been widely deployed by taxi fleets and sedan services alike.

S9008 F & B

The Series 9008 can be deployed on either Private Mobile Radio (PMR) or PDN (Cellular) data networks providing maximum coverage and flexibility. It can be connected to either discrete or smart taximeters, as well as other peripherals including select printers, point-of-sale devices and personal navigation devices to yield a full feature in-vehicle solution for your Drivers and Passengers.

Features & Benefits
  • XScale Processor
  • Up to 128 MB of SDRAM
  • Up to 128 MB Flash Memory
  • Integrated Magnetic Card Swipe
  • Integrated 50 Channel GPS Receiver
  • Internal Speaker and Microphone
  • USB & Compact Flash Ports
  • Touch Screen
Optional Features

In addition to its core functionality, the following features are available for the Series 9008 MDT:

Integrated PMR Modem

For Private Mobile Radio (PMR) network deployments, the Series 9008 is available with an optional integrated miller encoding modem.

Satellite Navigation SW

This feature provides integrated turn-by-turn navigation with both visual and spoken directions. With the click of a single softkey, the Driver can navigate to the pick-up or drop-off locations as provided by the dispatch system.

Integrated SW Taximeter

The Series 9000 integrated SW taximeter can reduce the number of devices installed in your vehicles. It has been type approved by the US Bureau of Weights and Measures.

User Interface

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