TaxiLinQ is a Linux based, central communications platform specifically designed for in-vehicle installation. TaxiLinQ is all about choice! Choosing the best peripherals to meet your specific business requirements Whether Discreet or Smart Taximeters, Roof Lights, Driver Panic Button, Rear Seat Point of Sale, Passenger Information Monitors, Printers, Cameras, Accelerometers, Seat Sensors, Vehicle Data Bus, or 3G/4G USB modems, TaxiLinQ offers it all, while connecting wirelessly to an Android Smartphone or Tablet.


An integrated WiFi router within TaxiLinQ turns your vehicle into a mobile hotspot, allowing for wireless connectivity between the driver’s Smartphone or Tablet and offering the driver freedom to take the mobile device with them (up to 100 metres) while remaining connected. Installation of TaxiLinQ is straight forward. The small enclosure can be mounted discreetly under the dash, seat, or in the trunk of the vehicle, out of the way of the driver but easily accessible to the vehicle technician. TaxiLinQ has the ability to provide regulated power to connected peripherals, simplifying the installation process and providing greater control and protection over your equipment.

Even without a connected Smartphone or Tablet, the GPS equipped TaxiLinQ can connect with a 3G/4G USB modem, providing real time Vehicle Tracking, Status Monitoring, Point of Sale processing (additional POS equipment required), and even driver distress annunciation. TaxiLinQ also offers a CAN Bus interface for on-board vehicle diagnostics via the OBD-II port.

TaxiLinQ bridges the gap between the latest Android Smartphones or Tablets and conventional RS-232, USB, and Discreet technologies while delivering a host of new capabilities to the For-Hire industry.

Features & Benefits
  • Linux embedded operating system providing for a host of third party applications and peripheral device drivers
  • 50 Channel GPS Receiver with accuracy enhancing WAAS yielding typical positional accuracy of 3.5 meters, unparalleled signal sensitivity and fastest time to first fix
  • Integrated WiFi router allowing up to five WiFi enabled devices to share a single 3G/4G wireless connection
  • On-board and expandable Memory allowing for over-the-air firmware updates and advanced applications
  • Four USB Ports for connecting USB flash drives, keyboards, keypads, POS devices, modems and other peripherals
  • Integrated charging for smartphones and tablets (incl. selection of Asus, Motorola, Samsung tablets – up to 2.0A)
  • Three RS-232 serial ports for wired connection to taximeters, printers, modems, mobile and Point-of-Sale technologies
  • Ethernet connectivity for in-vehicle networking to IP peripherals
  • Rugged GPS Connector with true hardware GPS antenna disconnect sensing
System Overview



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