Office Solutions

Office Solutions

The efficiency of your Calltakers and Dispatchers can be one of the single largest factors in determining the success of your operation. If Calltakers cannot process calls quickly enough, prospective passengers end up waiting and may simply hang up to go to your competition. Automating the Calltaker function will ensure that calls are processed as efficiently as possible, maximizing the use of your vehicles and the flow of work to your Drivers/Members.

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Take Calls & Manage Reservations

Arcus Calltaker Screen

Arcus is a hosted, browser based fleet management and dispatch system designed to streamline business processes and optimize asset utilization. Arcus allows licensed for-hire fleet operators to provide passengers and drivers with features and functionality similar to leading Transportation Network Companies (TNCs).




eXpert Dispatch System (XDS)

XDS is a Microsoft Windows based solution built upon the powerful Microsoft SQL Server database.


Cabmate Dispatch System

Cabmate is built upon the Linux operating system and MySQL database to deliver an enterprise class dispatch solution.


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