Cabmate Modules

Cabmate Modules

In addition to its core functionality, the following Cabmate software modules are available:

Screen Pops

When used in conjunction with Cabmate, the Screen Pop/Caller ID option allows passenger information for existing customers to be instantly displayed when the Call Taker picks up the phone. To take advantage of this feature your company must be subscribed to a Caller ID feature via your local telephone service provider and your telephone system must support Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).

Credit Card Payment

The Cabmate Card Dispatcher feature facilitates credit, debit and private label card transactions providing maximum payment flexibility to your passengers and safety for your drivers.

Outbound SMS

The Outbound SMS module allows the Cabmate to  provide automatic notifications to reservation customers including:

  • Ride Dispatched – Informs the passenger via SMS Text Message that their reservation has been dispatched to a specific vehicle, and includes the vehicle ID so that the passenger knows what vehicle to watch for.
  • Vehicle Out Front – Informs the passenger via SMS Text message that the driver has arrived at the pick-up address (“Out Front”). The Out Front message is sent when the driver presses the “OnScene” or “OutFront” button on his MDT (the label for this button is configurable).
Driver SMS Notification of Fare Offer

The Driver Notification module allows drivers to receive fare offers for work they have been assigned on their SMS capable mobile device.


When used in conjunction with Cabmate, iTaxiSrv allows licensed 3rd party developers to interact with the Cabmate dispatch system, injecting work and receiving updates in real time. Mobile Knowledge partners including TaxiMagic, Unified Dispatch, and many others leverage this interface.

Shared Ride Manifest

Cabmate can be purchased with the optional Shared Ride Dispatch module which provides the ability to manually create and import manifests to be dispatched to Drivers as Runs on their MDTs.

SRE - Shared Ride Engine

The SRE software module seamlessly integrates with the Cabmate Dispatch System software to provide Fleet Operators engaged in mixed-modal transportation services the ability to automatically group trips into optimized runs and routes based upon a suite of business rules and resource availability. The Shared Ride Engine enables you to respond to tenders for Shared Ride services at a fraction of the cost of competitive systems while maintaining all of your operational data within a single integrated application environment.