Cloud Deployments

Mobile Knowledge supports both local installations of its software (within a Local Area Network) as well as Cloud based installations (Rackspace, Amazon, etc). Mobile Knowledge Business Analysts can work with your team to identify the most appropriate deployment strategy for your operations.

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Deploying Mobile Knowledge dispatch software into the Cloud has become increasingly popular, and delivers a number of exciting advantages including:

Speed of Deployment

Eliminating the logistics of ordering and configuring servers can cut days and weeks out of deployment schedules. Minimizing the degree of coordination and remote access considerations between Mobile Knowledge and Customer IT professionals also speeds projects to completion.

Reduced IT Overhead

Managed IT infrastructure available from Amazon’s ec2 service, and others can dramatically reduce the cost of setting up and maintaining your Mobile Knowledge dispatch system. Pre-defined virtual private server configurations, security profiles, and the ability to launch these with the click of a button, significantly lower the number of IT hours consumed.

Remote Access for Users

Hosted servers and cloud based virtual private servers can be accessed in real time from anyone with the proper security credentials no matter where they are physically located. This means that call taking staff can operate remote from the main call center, and managers can check in on the system at any time and from any location where they have internet access.

Increased Reliability & Redundancy

The inherent reliability and redundancy associated with these hosted providers is second to none, and would be very costly and technically challenging to replicate in a local environment. On-site power generation, redundant internet connectivity, and security infrastructure yields very high availability (often 99.999% and better).

Virtualized Deployments

Virtualization of on-site server infrastructure is also supported for clients preferring a local deployment, and offers the following benefits:


Reduced Hardware Footprint

Virtualized environments allow you to run multiple operating systems or instances of an operating system on a single hardware platform. Servers specifically designed to serve as virtualization platforms are available from many manufacturers, including Dell, HP, and IBM.  Virtualization technology  from VMWare and other manufacturers serve as the foundation on which these virtual servers are installed.

Ease of Administration

Hypervisors such as VMWare’s VSphers ESXi allow you to quickly configure and launch virtual server instances and dynamically allocate resources leveraging browser based interfaces. System performance and notification facilities are integral to many hypervisors, allowing system administrators to fine tune their systems to meet the changing demands, and to receive automatic notifications of system problems.

Potential for Automatic Fail Over

VMWare and other virtualization technologies provide facilities such as VMotion, which can replicate virtualized environments across multiple hardware platforms. This can minimize service downtime in the event of catastrophic failure of one platform. Server images can also be moved between hardware platforms for maintenance or disaster recovery.

Significant Cost Savings

Reducing the number of physical servers results in less space, reduced power consumption, lower capital expenditure and streamlined IT administration.


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