XDS Modules

XDS Modules

In addition to its core functionality, the following XDS software modules are available:

XSP - eXpert Screen Pops

When used in conjunction with XDS, the eXpert Automated Screen Pops Caller ID option allows passenger information for existing customers to be instantly displayed when the Call Taker picks up the phone. To take advantage of this feature your company must be subscribed to a Caller ID feature via your local telephone service provider and your telephone system must support Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). To ensure functionality Mobile Knowledge may perform a simple evaluation of your phone system. Should your telephone system not support CTI, a 3rd party WhozzCalling device from CallerID.com can be purchased and integrated within your existing analog telephone infrastructure to facilitate basic CTI including Screen Pops. For additional information please visit http://www.callerid.com/.

XPS - eXpert Payment Systems

The eXpert Payment System feature facilitates credit card and debit card transactions providing maximum payment flexibility to your passengers and safety for your drivers.

XPLC - eXpert Private Label Card

The XDS Private Label Card facility offers fleet operators the means to offer clients a custom Credit or Gift Card, offering payment convenience, and customer loyalty. A private label card is in essence a private credit or gift card that is managed and run by the transportation company. The transportation company (e.g. taxi, black car, limo, etc.) takes over the burden of producing cards, invoicing customers, establishing credit limits, assigning pre-paid amounts, topping up cards, and billing customers while in-turn reducing the fees paid out to third parties such as Visa and MasterCard.

XAC - eXpert Automated Customer Callout

When used in conjunction with XDS and Mobile Data Terminals, the Mobile Knowledge eXpert Automated Customer Callout feature allows your Drivers to notify the Passenger that they are on-scene, and to provide the passenger with options as to how soon they will be ready, or whether or not the taxi is still required.

XTB - eXpert Text Back (Passenger Text Messaging)

The eXpert Text Back Message software allows the XDS system to provide automatic notifications to reservation customers including: • Ride Dispatched – Informs the passenger via SMS Text Message that their reservation has been dispatched to a specific vehicle, and includes the vehicle ID so that the passenger knows what vehicle to watch for. • Vehicle Out Front – Informs the passenger via SMS Text message that the driver has arrived at the pick-up address (“Out Front”). The Out Front message is sent when the driver presses the “OnScene” or “OutFront” button on his MDT (the label for this button is configurable).

XDM - eXpert Driver Messaging (Driver Text Messaging of Fare Details)

The XDM software allows drivers to receive job details for work they have been assigned on their pager or wireless email device. This allows the dispatcher to communicate the fare details to a driver without the risk of another driver hearing the job details over the voice radio and attempting to ‘scoop’ the job. XDM software can be configured as to what details are included in the message to the driver so long as it does not exceed the maximum allowable characters for an SMS message as dictated by each carrier.

IBS - Internet Booking System

When used in conjunction with XDS, IBS allows licensed 3rd party developers to interact with the XDS dispatch system, injecting work and receiving updates in real time. Mobile Knowledge partners including TaxiMagic, Unified Dispatch, and many others leverage this interface.

XSM - XDS Shared Ride Manifest

XDS can be purchased with the optional XDS Shared Ride Dispatch module which provides the ability to manually create and import manifests to be dispatched to Drivers as Runs.

SRE - Shared Ride Engine

The SRE software module seamlessly integrates with the XDS Dispatch System software and Microsoft SQL database to provide Fleet Operators engaged in mixed-modal transportation services the ability to automatically group trips into optimized runs and routes based upon a suite of business rules and resource availability. The Shared Ride Engine enables you to respond to tenders for Shared Ride services at a fraction of the cost of competitive systems while maintaining all of your operational data within a single integrated application environment.