TaxiHail is a logical extension to your Mobile Knowledge dispatch system. TaxiHail allows passengers to book and manage their own reservations via iOS, android or the web in real-time, alleviating call congestion during peak busy hours. An app you can count on from the company you already trust for your dispatch requirements.

TaxiHail Product Grouping

A sampling of custom branded TaxiHail deployments is provided below:

Customer Icons

Features & Benefits
  • Your customers, your app, your brand!
  • Custom branded with your logo & colors
  • Allows passengers to book by Smartphone (iOS and Android) or via the Web
  • Seamless integration w/ Mobile Knowledge dispatch
  • GPS based address matching with both immediate and scheduled reservations including fare estimate & favorite locations.
  • Book a taxi in just 3 clicks!
  • Process more reservations with fewer calltakers and greater accuracy
  • Reduce “No-Shows” by allowing passengers to see their vehicle on the map
  • Your costs will not increase as more customers adopt smartphone booking
  • Build customer loyalty!
Optional Modules

In addition to its core functionality, the following TaxiHail software modules are available:

App Marketing via SMS

Marketing your app to your regular clients is easy with the Mobile Knowledge outbound SMS feature. Telephone reservations will receive an SMS message indicating the number of the vehicle assigned to their ride and providing a link to download your TaxiHail app.

TaxiHail Kiosk

An optional extension to the TaxiHail system, the custom branded TaxiHail Kiosk  is installed onto Android tablets supplied by you and enabled for the wireless provider of your choice.  These kiosks can be installed in a hotel lobby, restaurant, or other location from which you have frequent pick-up requests, so that the Concierge, or passengers themselves can order a vehicle with the click of a button.

TaxiHail Kiosk keeps track of individual requests, providing the status of each booking under a centralized view.


Splash Screen


TaxiHail Kiosk Status

Status Screen – Single Trip


TaxiHail Kiosk Status Screen

Status Screen – Multiple Trips
User Interface - Web


TaxiHail Web



TaxiHail Administration
User Interface - App (iOS & Android)

TaxiHail Splash Screen

Splash Screen

TaxiHail Main Booking Screen

Booking Screen

TaxiHail Future Booking Screen

Future Booking

TaxiHail - Passengers in Taxi Message

Passengers in Taxi

TaxiHail Trip Ratings Screen

Trip Ratings

TaxiHail Create New Account Screen

Create Account

TaxiHail - Define Destination Address

Define Destination

TaxiHail Booking Details Screen

Booking Details

TaxiHail Trip Completion Options

Trip Completion

TaxiHail Main Settings Menu

Settings Menu

TaxiHail Login Screen

Sign In

TaxiHail - Refine Address

Refine Address

TaxiHail - Awaiting Driver Assignment

Order Processing

TaxiHail Payment Options Screen

Payment Options

TaxiHail User Defined Profile Settings Screen

User Profile

4 - Tutorial


Taxi Locations Quick Select Screen

Quick Location Select

TaxiHail - Cab Assigned Message

Cab Assigned

Payment Receipt


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