TaxiHail Kiosk

TaxiHail Kiosk

An optional extension to the TaxiHail system, the custom branded TaxiHail Kiosk  is installed onto Android tablets supplied by you and enabled for the wireless provider of your choice.  These kiosks can be installed in a hotel lobby, restaurant, or other location from which you have frequent pick-up requests, so that the Concierge, or passengers themselves can order a vehicle with the click of a button.

TaxiHail Kiosk keeps track of individual requests, providing the status of each booking under a centralized view.

Capabilities of TaxiHail Kiosk

TaxiHail Kiosk Splash Screen

Customizable Splash Screen

TaxiHail Kiosk Booking

Enter Customer Name

TaxiHail Kiosk Status Screen

Order Status